About Mushroom Truffle

  • White Autumn Truffle

    The mushroom is white or grayish yellow with tiny white veins. Its smooth surface of the ocher-yellow or olive-yellow vault, also be grey- greenish, has intensive and faultless smell. 

    Tuber magnatum pico – is definitely the most expensive and valuable mushroom in the world. It grows only in Southern Europe near the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy (hence its name «Italian truffle»).

    The mushroom comes in different shapes from irregular to round. It has yellowish color, as a rule, and its aroma and taste are so unique that they fascinate cuisines from of the whole world.

    Serve as an additive to dishes about 5 grams per portion.

    Harvest season: end of September – December

  • Black autumn truffle
    A black truffle is very similar to a summer truffle enough to make some scientists consider it almost like the Aestivum. The mushroom is darker than that of Tartufo aestivum, ripe specimens are almost chocolate-colored. It has delicate and pleasant smell and fantastic aroma.

    Tuber unciantum is like a black summer truffle, but in a slice it is different from it. It has more intense flavor and is both irregular and rounded.

    Serves as an additive to dishes of 8-10 grams per portion

    Harvest season: end of September - December

  • Black winter truffle

    A precious black truffle - is one of the main heroes of international cuisine. The mushroom is black-brown with small whitish veins very thick. It’s fragrant, not too spicy and the taste is soft.

    Harvest season: from November to March

  • White spring truffle

    Borchii Truffle you may mix up with a white truffle as it shows almost the same characteristics.

    The mushroom is initially whitish, then when ripening it’s getting reddish-brown color; it has rather wide but rare, branched, whitish veins, which then turn dark with time. The smell is accentuated and special.

    Harvest season: January - April

  • Black summer truffle

    A black summer truffle grows in sandy, clay soils and in forests. It is used to make sauces. The mushroom has nutty color with numerous whitish veins, more or less thin. The smell is more delicate than other black truffles, and its aroma resembles white mushrooms.

    Harvest season: from May to November.